Can I pull my hair out yet?


This week had put us all through the ringer! Let’s just say for our deadline to be next Wednesday, things are definitely not on the bright side. Although, they have been getting better as we progress and fix our issues one by one. The hardest part of this process is remaining motivated and optimistic about the outcome of our projects and that we will beat the time crunch. I’m excited to meet with our woman entrepreneur on Monday and get started on her website. It’s sort of difficult considering it has to be done in less than two weeks but I think Akwelle and I can beat the challenge! Empowered has been such a great experience and I’m glad I got this opportunity, I’m so psyched to see what it grows into and hopefully we’ll get to come back and visit next year! Even if not, I will always remember the lessons and friends that I have made while here. This experience has been unforgettable.