Doe Anderson: Mission Accomplished


So I was definitely nervous for our meeting at Doe Anderson, especially saying “uhm” while presenting. Thank God I only said it twice and I didn’t totally bomb my presentation or embarrass myself.  I’m glad I had this experience and that our website turned out so well. Destinee was a great partner and I loved that our ideas formulated together to make such a great product. If I could change one thing about our presentation it would maybe be moving around some and making more audience engagement. I’m happy that I got the chance to experience the ins and outs of a corporate business meeting and then marketing aspects that go along with rebranding a foundation. I hope to further advance our web design and hopefully work on more projects for Sam and other people of the business world. I’m just really ecstatic that we were able to impress them and change their initial thoughts about us and the work we could do. Today I felt truly empowered.