My “Future(s) Up” Next

So this week has brought some highlights and some low ones. First, our meeting with Doe Anderson was not as exciting as I thought but it was insightful and I am glad I had the experience. I scored MAJOR brownie points with the CEO!!! (Initiate happy dance). I’m excited for the different projects that have been gave to me and I can’t wait to see the outcomes. I’m also very grateful for the people I have met and the opportunities they have presented me. Above all, this program has implemented so  many changes within me and my character. It was so great to be able to grow with new people and find things I never thought I’d ever do or try. The project is a little stressful but I think that this will make me a better web designer. It takes alot to finish a project in just a few weeks so lets hope we get through it and that FutureUP is pleased with our project.