To Code or Not to Code, That is my biggest procrastination!


Ahhh coding, where to start? I can definitely say I am excited about the opportunity that Empowered has presented and allowed me to be apart of, but I can be honest and say I was not expecting some of the things that I have encountered this week. Coding has honestly taught me a lot of things about myself and more importantly about the skills that I do not and do posses as a student and learner of a new skill.

One, I am not very patient; at some point I become frustrated with the long explanations for a simple two word .html tag. Two, Copy, Paste, and Undo are my new best friends. Three, if you let Nick get the best of you he’ll take you down and not offer a hand for you to get up! Thank God for technology and Treehouse for gracing us with a ‘rewind for 10 seconds’ button because sometimes the speed Nick talks at is outrageous!

I have learned that I must not be defeated by my own mistakes and I must keep trying until I get it right because eventually everything will work itself out. Being able to access help at any time when I find myself struggling is a vital key to my self-motivation to keep trying until I figure it out or someone helps me figure it out.  Joshua Jacobs once said, “Help is always closer than you think!” Empowered has given me a support system and the confidence to start something new.